Stress in children

Kids and chocolate

Having a new nanny for new year school : it all comes down to right now

After an intense year, you are looking forward to this holiday to disconnect. Not exciting to start thinking about September from now … and yet, by anticipating the recruitment of your new nanny you will enjoy more your holidays

Outdoors activities with kids for sunny days!

After a particularly harsh and long winter, we do appreciate to see the days getting longer and the mild climate that brings us a little closer to summer. Enjoy this nice weather to do outdoor activities with the kids!

5 tricks to get your kid to eat vegetables

Every meal presents the same problem for parents: how to get our kids to eat vegetables? Here you will find 5 tricks to achieve it:

The adaptation period with the nanny

After spending months taking care of baby yourself, it’s time to go back to work, and to introduce in your baby’s life a new person: the nanny. International Nannies gives you some tips for a successful transition.

Smooth holidays at the mountain with kids does exist !

Snow is there, in abundance. If in town, it was unexpected and wreak havoc sometimes, on the moutains, it is warmly welcomed by the aficionados of winter sports. But the mountain shouldnt be left to chance. Especially with children!

Christmas : how to avoid the “spoilt child syndrome”

Christmas is coming and like every year, it is highly probable that your child will get lots of presents ! So many wishes that will turn into presents underneath the Christmas tree…. Everything will be on to amaze your children and…spoil them !

School phobia : how to detect it

School phobia is a very serious childhood disorder. It’s important to distinguish school anxiety to phobia, that needs to be detected and fixed as quick as possible…

Back to school: getting ready in a week!

Going back to school after the summer break may be one of the most stressful moment of the year. International Nannies gives you 7 tips to get ready for D-day !

Holidays: let your child get bored!

Very often, your child is as booked as a prime minister! Gym, dance, tennis lessons, painting… with this rythm, he can’t even breathe…But your child really need to get bored sometimes…

Holidays without children: prepare them to the separation

Handing your children to somebody’s care for a weekend, a week or more have you even thought about it? You deserve to take a break from your parenthood! In France 59 % of the parents did it once, at least. Why don’t you try?

Yes day : say yes to your children!

How many times a day to you refuse something to your children? How many times a day do you say “no”? If the answer is between “often” and “always”, it’s time for you to try positive education!

Should we let our children eat candy?

Ah candy … chocolate, caramel or rainbow color, these little sweets are often the origin of discussions, and especially caprices! According to health professionals, it is necessary to eat 5 fruits and …

From childhood to adolescence: The role of the Nanny

Today International Nannies looks at the very delicate subject of the transition from childhood to adolescence. It is a phase of our life in its own right and personal. Indeed each of us has …

Educational aveil : traditional book / digital book ?

The British are the big “e-readers” in the world, with a market share of 15% in 2013. In France, even if the reading rate of digital books progresses slowly, in 2015 at least 20% …

4 good reasons why your kids have to take a nap

If you have returned to work, it is complicated to have to take full-time care of your children. Fortunately, you have probably thought of recruiting a nanny or leaving your children …

Work, business travel, time: How to take good care of our children when we are away?

The school has already arrived. The work resumes for you as well as your spouse and everything is already at “3000 per hour”. That’s it, we need you right away …

Entertainment: Should we let our children play video games?

The subject of video games is fairly recurring among parents and children. Always in search of ingenuity to arouse the curiosity of our young, the publishers propose games with a content entirely adapted …

Zoom on trainings and diplomas necessary

Today, several trainings and diplomas are required to practice the profession of maternity nurse at International Nannies. Here is a detailed explanation of the three main French diplomas, recommended by the nurses of the agency: …

Adaptation of Nannies abroad!

Working as a Nanny for families abroad requires both to adapt to the culture and values of the country, but also to create and maintain alchemy, that is what it is …

Method of recruitment of the agency!

Forte de ses 25 années d’expérience, International Nannies met un point d’honneur à faire de sa méthodologie de recrutement une priorité. L’agence organise le recrutement de ses futures Nannies à Paris ou dans ses…

French culture is exported!

More and more foreign families want to recruit nurses and nannies of French children to care for their young. Indeed, the French language, culture and traditions retain their prestige …

Retrospective of Nanny!

International Nannies is back with you on the different trades related to the world of early childhood. First of all, a small reminder: a maternity nurse (nurse) is a qualified and qualified person, who can be …

Family trip around the world!

As an international agency for the placement of nannies and nurses, the demands of families are often very varied … This is particularly the case of a French family who decided to put his Parisian life between …

Early childhood jobs!

Through our know-how, we have participated in the awakening of children and their development as much cognitive, emotional and conative for 25 years now. This represents for us a privilege but also a delight in …