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Back to school: getting ready in a week!

Going back to school after the summer break may be one of the most stressful moment of the year. International Nannies gives you 7 tips to get ready for D-day !

D-7 : get your rhythm back

During the holidays, your child got (bad) habits like going to bed late and waking up…late! This way of life is not adapted for his age. Gradually, day by day, you will move foreward the bedtime. At the end of the week, bedtime will be the school bedtime! Your child will naturally wake up earlier every day. It’s over with TV now, once woken up, start activities: he will be active since the morning…as for schooldays!

Take advantage to these changes to regulate mealtime. Eating at regular hours is important for your child’s balance. Good habits are in the plate too: it’s time to have a balanced diet back!

D-6 : let’s sort

It’s time for the housework in your child’s room. Old school supplies, toys, clothes… sort everything together. Ask him what he wants to keep, and what he would like to give. Explain him he can give his old stuff to poor children. It will motivate him to get rid of some things. Dispose too small clothes and buy what is missing (socks…). You will have a good overview of his clothes and it will be easier to get dressed him every morning!

D-5 work work work

It’s time to remind him what schoolbooks look like! Holiday workbook, past year review… it doesn’t matter what kind of exercise you do but it is good for him to start studying a little bit before going back to school. You can also schedule the reviews for the school year.

D-4 schedule

Back to school means a lot of stress for your child and for yourself. To go through this moment serenely, establish a “perfect day” or “perfect week” schedule together. Homework, snack, hobbies, reviews, nanny… you will have the perfect overview of your agenda and it will be easier to follow your plans.

D-3: anticipation

You know it… you will be asked for a lot of documents as soon as school starts. Health or official certificates… think ahead! Bring him to the doctor, prepare copies of his ID card and each document you could be asked for. You will be the first to have them…without any tension!

D-2 : good resolutions

It’s time to take good resolutions. To keep them, write them on a paper. But first, think about what would improve your life all together. It’s a challenge for the whole family!

D-1: tracking

If your child changes school, it’s time to have a drive or a walk with him to show him his now school. It will help him find his landmarks!

D-Day: no pressure

Of course, prepare his stuff the day before. No new clothes for the first day: he will feel better in clothes and more confident in clothes he knows. Don’t overcharge his bag: you don’t need everything on your first day!

International Nannies wishes you the best for the new schoolyear!