Having a new nanny for new year school : it all comes down to right now

If the summer goes hand in hand with holidays and chilling out, it is also the period of the big mercatos: on the grounds, on TV, on the radio … and also within homes. Yes absolutely, it does; as the recruitment of a nanny must be anticipated before the beginning of the new school year.

And as always, the best candidates are the most sought-after and the first to leave the market. So do not miss the boat! Find the best nannie comes down to this!

After an intense year, you are looking forward to this holiday to disconnect. Not exciting to start thinking about September from now … and yet, by anticipating the recruitment of your new nanny you will enjoy more your holidays and be more confident having by your side the best partner for an organized and harmonious family lifetime.

Proven experience in education and childcare, verified references, perfect command of English, discretion. You have requirements. And you are right to do so when it comes to entrust your children and open the doors of your privacy to someone you don’t know.

Faced with this challenge, it is better to rely on a professional recruiter to be sure to make the right choice. International Nannies is this partner that allows you to find the rare pearl through its network of highly qualified nannies and native English speakers.

Super nannies are jewels that will soon be harder to reach. Do not waste time!

We wish you a good holiday with your family.