Nannie Halloween: your little monsters will love it

Halloween is approaching, it’s time to plan the festivities.

Take advantage of your Nannie’s demonic expertise and introduce your little monsters to the 5 fundamentals of Halloween:

  1. Decorate your home

First you have to find the theme. Your children will define with their Nannie in great detail the universe they wish to create: the pirate ship, the witch’s castle, the haunted house … no limits to the imagination.

It will then be necessary to find the appropriate material to carry out their architectural work: fabrics, cardboard and colored pencils are requisitioned.

Place for practical work, construction is launched, Nannie Halloween supervises the site so that the decor is ready on D-Day.

  1. Carve beautiful pumpkins

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without its famous pumpkins. First step: go to the market and buy pumpkins of all sizes, second step: empty them, third step cut out eyes, a nose and a mouth, last step place a candle inside .. Here the orange lanterns light up your abode and cast ghostly shadows on your walls.

  1. Create a terrifying costume

It is easy to buy a costume on the internet or in a specialty store, but what could be more fun than creating your own costume. In fact, your Nannie Halloween is particularly good at recycling your old clothes and making terrifying tunics with your little angels. Your children embark on a cutting, sewing, gluing and assembly workshop. Final result after make-up here they are metamorphosed into Dracula, Frozen or any other enchanted character.

A little health tip if you’re inviting friends over: Don’t punch a mouth hole on your ghost costumes or customize a fabric mask with vampire teeth.

  1. Scare someone

Nannie Halloween is an accomplice … together with your children she worked out the script and the direction of their “horror movie” sequence. But who will be the target? In what context? With what accessories? The secret will be well kept until the end of this collector video, the future great cinematic classic to see and re-watch with the family.

  1. Eat lots of treats

You will need to stock up on treats to satiate your little monsters, but we recommend that you avoid sweets that are too sweet. Nannie Halloween and your children take out their aprons for the cooking workshop, on the menu the recipe for the famous bat cookies, spiders, pumpkin and mini-ghosts made in an ancestral mold followed by small raw vegetables carved into skeletons sprinkled with magic spices and accompanied by their demonic sauce.

Here is a last sanitary advice from Nannie Halloween to stay in the theme: Put a little red coloring in your bottles of hydroalcoholic gel;)