The adaptation period with the nanny

After spending months taking care of baby yourself, it’s time to go back to work, and to introduce in your baby’s life a new person: the nanny.
The adaptation phase is crucial to ensure this transition as smooth as possible for both – your child and yourself as a parent. International Nannies gives you some tips.

Baby, parents, nanny: adaptation needs for everyone

The well-being of baby remains at the heart of this process. The central issue is to let him getting used to his nanny, to her voice, to her food, and of course to your absence.

Hiring a nursery nurse at home, like the ones of International Nannies, gives to  your child a familiar surrounding that will help him keeping many of his bearings.

This adaption phase is also good for the adults.

This is true for the nanny first. She needs to get used to a new environment, a new house, a new family, and a new human being. It’s all about how to tame the baby by relaying the parents and to make sure not to upset his habits too abruptly. Because every child is unique.

Finally as a parent, this separation with baby is also a difficult shift that requires a gradual transition to calm your fears and feeling of guilt.  Becoming familiar with your nurse will bring you more ease.

What is the good timing? What are the steps?

It’s better to plan the adaptation phase a few days before going back to work. Your presence is of course essential.
If there is no absolute rule about how long it should last, five days is a good average for a gradual adaptation.

Our recommendations for a successful transition:

Day 1:

As a first start, invite the nanny to your home for an hour together. Make use of this opportunity to settle the last administrative details with her, to tell her about your child’s habits and to provide a tour of your house.

Day 2:

Stay one hour with your child, the time for him to feel confident with the nanny and then leave him alone with her for a couple of hours so they can get to know each other better.

Day 3:

Leave him to the nanny for a half day, including nap-time.

Day 4:

Baby starts to get his bearings . You can leave him alone half day with the nanny, including now meal and nap time.

Day 5:

First full day of baby with his nanny.

Your baby is ready to cut the umbilical cord. And you?