Questions to ask during the Interview

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We recommend asking the questions below :

  • How does she plan on establishing a routine adapted to the children’s needs ?
  • Is she enthusiastic about the idea of developing a social life with the children and of meeting other nannies during meal times, tea or days off ?
  • Discuss all of your children’s dietary or medical needs.
  • Is she ready to discuss issues of discipline with you ?
  • What activities does she enjoy introducing to children ?
  • How will she structure her days ?
  • Is she creative? Does she like making crafts with the children ?
  • Does she enjoy taking children to activities outside the house (pool, library, playground, etc.) ?
  • Is she a good driver ?
  • Discuss the work schedule and any additional hours you may need (baby-sitting, if she is housed, weekends, family holidays, etc.).
  • Plan for potential changes in the Nanny’s responsibilities if she is travelling with you.
  • Discuss the rules for cohabitation, particularly with regard to friends who may stay in your home.

What are her personal interests ? What does she enjoy doing on her time off ?

It is crucial that you feel comfortable and get along well with your maternity nurse, as she will be supporting you through this special moment in your life. The interview will help you find your ideal nurse. Here are some questions you may ask her :

  • Does she prefer making her own decisions or following your suggestions ?
  • If you are planning on breast-feeding, is she able to assist, encourage and advise you ?
  • If you are breast-feeding, can she advise you on what happens through the night after breast-feeding ?
  • If you plan on bottle-feeding, will she be able to explain to you how to prepare, preserve the bottle and so on ?
  • Has she ever cared for a premature baby or for multiple babies at a time ?
  • If you have other children, would she be able to care for them a bit as well ?
  • Would it be a problem for her if you asked her to not eat with you or to leave in the evening ?
  • How will the daily walks with the baby be organised ?
  • How much free time would she like in the day and when would she prefer to take these breaks ?
  • If she will need to travel with you, discuss the possible changes in her responsibilities.
  • Where will the nurse go during her days off? Will she stay with you or elsewhere ?
  • Does she need a deposit to confirm the reservation? Do both of you have a contract/insurance to deal with any issues that may arise ?
  • Will she wear a uniform ?

Please note that maternity nurses are booked well before the birth of the baby and attend several interviews at the same time. It is therefore advisable to make your decision quickly after the interview in order to ensure that you get the nurse you want.