The activity resumes you are overwhelmed, how can an experienced Nannie help you?

In addition to being a childcare professional, a Nannie must have certain qualities for working with children such as: patience, empathy, the ability to give and receive affection and above all kindness.

A Nanny is not just any nanny; she must be a prepared and educated person who generally masters infant care. Aware of new educational trends and emotional relationships with children, your Nannie must offer games and activities that will strengthen their stimulation and development.

If you want your children to learn a foreign language, you can hire one of our bilingual Nannies and give them the chance to hear and communicate in another language from an early age.

With your Nannie you have much closer supervision than in a daycare center where four adults take care of 20 children with high turnover rates which can make the relationship between your child and the educators difficult.

Also taking your child to daycare means waking him up early and urging him to prepare so that neither he nor you are late in your obligations. Having a Nannie at home allows you to go out in the morning and come back after work without organizational worries which reduces daily stress for you and your child.

In this period in which teleworking is developing, the support of your Nannie gives you the possibility of exercising your professional activity at home without having to manage at the same time the supervision and education of your children while allowing you to stay by their side to see them flourish.

Being able to spend the day in his own house, with his own toys and objects, prevents your child from the uncertainty and anxiety that can arise when he finds himself in a noisy and unknown place like a crib.

In this sensitive health context, we see that the children cared for by a Nannie greatly reduce their contact with germs, they are much less exposed to diseases than in a crèche with other children.

Medically, children with health issues need more attention than the best daycare can provide. This is one of the areas in which our specially trained Nannies shine, ensuring that your child is taken care of in the most suitable way.

Finally one of the main strengths of a Nannie at home is to help your child reach important milestones like talking, walking and growing up to develop knowledge at a level that simply could not be equivalent in a daycare.