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NAMCW National Association Of Maternal And Child Welfare Diploma

This 2-year programme is accessible to students aged 16 years and over. Training covers topics on

BTEC – Nursery Nursing – Business And Technician Education Council Nursery (Nursing Diploma)

The curriculum is similar to the previous course but with a more academic approach. The programme

NVQ – National And Vocation Qualifications Equivalent Of The VAE (Validation Of Acquired Experience)

This is the latest certification to be recognised in Great Britain. Candidates are assessed based on

NNEB – National Nursery Examination Board (Cache Diploma)

This is the most widely recognised diploma in Britain. The two-year programme covers all aspects, from

State Diploma in Midwifery

The State Diploma in Midwifery is a higher education degree issued by medical training and research

State Diploma in Nursing

The successful completion of an entry exam at a nursing training institute is required to be

State Diploma in Childcare

As a prerequisite of this diploma, you must hold a State Diploma in Nursing or Midwifery

Nursing Assistant Professional Diploma (DPAS) / Childcare Assistant

This diploma is awarded upon completion of training or by Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE). Training