Professeur & élèves

Zoom on trainings and diplomas necessary

Today, several training courses and diplomas are required in order to practice the
Maternity nurse at International Nannies. Here is a detailed explanation of the three main
French diplomas, recommended by the nurses of the agency:

– Child care assistant
Three different formations allow this office to be obtained. First, initial training,
Reserved for beginners in this field. The latter consists of a learning part
Theoretical period of 10 months followed by a series of 6 one-month courses. It is also possible to follow
A partial curriculum for students already graduated in this sector or a work-study program
with work.

– CAP early childhood
This training requires a level equivalent to a minimum 3rd student. This is feasible
Both in initial training of 2 years in vocational lycée, and in alternation (candidate free or
by mail). Composed of a general education, but also an education
Professional, this curriculum also makes it possible to carry out internships necessary from the practical point of view.
This CAP diploma is delivered at the end of the cycle.

– Early childhood educator
A school for the education of young children is accessible through a competition based on
Written and oral tests. This training is reserved for baccalauréat holders, childcare assistants
Or graduates of social work or paramedical. This consists of a set of courses
Theoretical (1500 hours) and a practical part (2100 hours of professional placements). A
Diploma recognized by the state is deviated at the end of this course.

These formations differ from one country to another. Indeed, in Great Britain the equivalent of
These diplomas are the NVQ level 3 or EYE (early years educator). This training is
Focusing on the psychological qualities required in the profession to integrate into the family. It
Consists of 13 course units that encompass subjects such as studying an environment
Healthy and safe child, develop positive relationships with the child, and learn and
Defend the rights of the child.

These diplomas ensure quality of accompanying children