Barrier gestures, monitoring and advice from your Nannie

Right now children hear about the coronavirus every day. You can count on your Nannie to reassure them and teach them good health practices.

Listening and transmitting the right information:

If your child questions his Nannie about the covid she will first ask him what this new virus means to him. The goal is to know first how he perceives this situation and then to send him the right information so that he can be reassured. She will speak to him in a calm, soothing voice, explaining that most people who get sick only feel like they have a bad cold.

It is natural for your child to worry. To the question “Could this happen to me or happen to my parents?” your Nannie will be able to explain to him what the immune system is, tell him that at his age his body reacts better than that of an adult and that the vast majority of children have very few symptoms but that they can still transmit the virus. This is why it is very important that he respects barrier gestures to protect his loved ones.

With all her kindness, your Nannie will help your child to express his feelings to strengthen his resilience, she will let him know that these worrying moments will pass and that life will soon resume its normal course.

Respect barrier gestures by giving an example in a fun way:

To promote compliance with hygienic rules, your Nannie has great creativity. For example, she can transform the handwashing workshop into a “who will make the most foam” game or revive the legendary “123 sun” to have fun while keeping distances. During outings outside, she will make sure that your child wears her mask well by showing her that she herself wears it systematically and she will wash your child’s hands with a hydroalcoholic gel very regularly, explaining to her what these gestures are. the best protection.

In case your child has symptoms:

Before going to school your nanny checks your child’s temperature. In case of fever (or any other symptom) she will notify you immediately and contact your doctor if you ask. While waiting for your child to have a test, she will make him wear a mask while reassuring him and can, at your request, accompany him to a medical analysis center.

Also reassure parents:

Our Nannies monitor their state of health and systematically wear a protective mask renewed several times a day. A distance of at least one meter from your child is guaranteed throughout the day.