Go on vacation with your Nannie what freedom

Your tracking shot Nannie accompanies you during your family trips and / or vacations to provide your children with the best care wherever you are.  No matter where or how you travel, your Nannie will supervise your children’s activities and ensure that their daily routines are followed, for their comfort and convenience.

By removing the stress of organization and childcare, your Nannie allows you to relax and make the most of this precious time with your little angels.

From the simple supervision of children to the design and implementation of educational activities, personalized leisure plans and research of local attractions, the role of your tracking shot Nannie is wide, stimulating and extremely rewarding.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the tasks that fall to your Nannie during the trip:

Monitoring your children from sunrise to bedtime,
Bathing and dressing,
Preparing their luggage and necessary travel supplies (including medication, toys, snacks and documentation)
Organizing nutritious and balanced meals,
Washing and ironing their clothes,
Cleaning and storage of rooms,
Drop them off and pick them up at the crèche or at the holiday club,
The organization of fun and educational games,
The stimulation of their creativity and their imagination,
Help with homework and carrying out their projects,
Informing parents of their child’s progress,
Health care and physical and mental well-being (administering medication with parental permission, arranging doctor visits, listening),
Preparing for special occasions (such as birthday parties, Christmas, etc.)
The definition with the parents of the routines and schedules and their respect (nap, organization of the trip, times of meals and snacks, etc.)

The ideal Nannie tracking shot is a flexible and patient person, especially when it comes to schedule changes.  She loves to travel, she is creative and able to entertain your children while traveling, especially during long journeys by plane and by car.  She has an energetic and enthusiastic personality, a tolerance for jet lag and lack of sleep, she does not have motion sickness or fear of flying.  Finally, she has no severe food allergies or dietary restrictions.

What accommodation should you provide for your tracking shot Nannie?

Your tracking shot Nannie is offered hotel accommodation or private accommodation where the family is staying.

All our Nannies agree to be respectful of family confidentiality, to act in all discretion and at all times, not to disclose information without the consent of the parents (except in case of legal obligation, that is to say  tell if the child is in danger) and to be respectful of the customs, traditions and values ​​of the family.