10 good reasons to teach art to children

When children are young and interested in art, it is essential to let them express all their creativity, it is a fundamental vector for their development throughout life. If your child wants to paint with markers, pencils or with his fingers, if he just wants to dance, sing and make crafts, he should definitely be encouraged to develop his imagination.

Here are 10 great reasons to teach kids art:

1. Art teaches children to think creatively to solve problems, it is based on leaving any subject open; it represents a culture of questions rather than a culture of answers.

2. Through art, children can share, reflect, learn about themselves and the world around them, art thus promotes self-esteem.

3. In the process of artistic creation, the child is exposed to different possibilities in front of which he will have to make choices, for him it is the discovery of freedom but also of the constraints generated by it.

4. Art breaks down stereotypes, barriers and prejudices, it is one of the best vectors for socializing and learning to respect others.

5. Art brings children into contact with the near and distant past, it immerses them in history, culture and the progress of humanity.

6. Art stimulates the whole brain. Studies show that children who practice art read better and perform better in math and science.

7. Children learn using their senses and art is ideal in this process. It stimulates the visual, manual and even olfactory capacities of your child.

8. Art encourages children to pay more attention to the physical space around them, so they can better analyze their environment and will therefore be able to assess risks and opportunities with heightened acuity.

9. Art, by stimulating the development of both perception and hand-eye coordination, improves a child’s ability to perform precision actions.

10. Art nourishes the human soul, the child takes pleasure, it makes him happy.

Our Nannies thus have in reserve a whole range of artistic games to offer to your children to exalt their creative spirit: coloring, origami, finger painting, production of a play, the list is long but what is certain is that. is that they will have a good time 😉