Christmas : how to avoid the “spoilt child syndrome”

Christmas is coming and like every year, it is highly probable that your child will get lots of presents ! So many wishes that will turn into presents underneath the Christmas tree…. Everything will be on to amaze your children and…spoil them ! Is this abundance of presents healthy ? The race to the biggest, more expensive present may kill the Christmas spirit? International Nannies helps you to make your little children’s eyes twinkle like stars, whatever the value of the presents is !


Today, children see Christmas presents as a normal fact. But this time of the year is first of all a time of sharing : sharing a meal with relatives, sharing love, sharing our house for a few hours… Your children certainly know the pleasure of receiving…but do they know the joy of giving? Find together a positive attitude to set up during the Christmas time. What kind of behavior would give joy to someone? DIY a gift for the grandfather? Give a piece of cake to a homeless person? There are so many ways to please people!!! Your children will certainly feel their first sharing emotions and start understand by themselves the real spirit of Chistmas!

In the same thought, ask them to help with the organization of the Christmas night: making cake, decorating the house, setting up the table… they will have their own part of the job and will feel in the heart of the event.

Take your time

To appreciate the presents, your children need to learn how to unwrap the gifts gently… You should guide them so they unwrap them piece by piece and take time to look at them, explore them, be spellbound… Give them the time to really discover and enjoy each present. They will be even more happy ! You can now change your way of buying gifts : now that they are able to like every king of presents, you can buy less but better !

International Nannies wishes you a Merry Merry Christmas !