How to make science fun for kids ?

The idea of ​​making children love science is not only intended to eliminate obstacles to their learning but also to develop their interest in the short, medium and long term. It is not about turning our children into Nobel Prize winners but about allowing them to see the world with a more critical eye so that they can draw their own conclusions, stimulate their logical reasoning and, of course, their creativity.

Here are 5 tips to make children love science:

1. Experiments.
The best way to get kids interested in science is through experiments. Create waves by throwing a pebble in the water, light candles and see them burn, bake a cake and put it in the oven to watch it swell through the action of yeast, these everyday experiences will allow you to transform the initial surprise effect into a logical explanation.

2. Scientific instruments.
Scientific devices are also wonderful toys to give your child for Christmas or their birthday. A telescope to observe the sky or a microscope to see what is hidden to the naked eye will perhaps reveal the soul of the little researcher who slumbers in him.

3. Scientific activities.
A family outing in the field with a magnifying glass in hand to observe insects, classify the leaves of trees or plant seeds and observe their growth are some of the activities that children enjoy the most. Remember to organize the theme of your scientific research with them in advance and do not hesitate to debrief afterwards on the findings you have made.

4. Discovering museums.
Some children may not be attracted to the idea of ​​spending an afternoon in a museum, but their preconceptions will change completely when they take part in the discovery workshops offered by science museums, especially since they will share this time together with other budding geniuses like real scientists in their lab

5. Fun teaching aids.
Books, films or cartoons in which science is explained to children in a fun way are undoubtedly an extraordinary awakening for your children, especially in winter when you don’t feel like leaving the house. . Transcribed through stories, they will stimulate their curiosity, their imagination and their love for science.

Do not hesitate to discuss it with our Nannies, they are used to practicing the activities presented here with children and will surely have lots of other ideas to offer you 🙂