10 reasons why it is important for your children to exercise

The benefits of sport for children are many, ranging from physical well-being to the transmission of values. Here we have collected ten reasons why sport is important in the development of children:

1. It participates in physical and mental growth: sport promotes the process of growth, thanks to the stimulation that occurs in the bone and muscle tissues . It also helps in the development of skills such as spatial awareness, coordination, agility and balance. It allows us to know the limits of our body, improves self-control, pushes us to be more humble and to face extreme situations.

2. Sport corrects and prevents health problems, particularly with regard to the prevention of overweight and obesity. Playing sports activates the immune system and strength and elasticity exercises correct posture which helps to strengthen muscles and bones.

3. Promotes the creation of habits: sport predisposes to the acquisition of healthy lifestyle habits and positive behaviors. Among them we highlight a more balanced diet, hygiene habits and organization of tasks.

4. Teaches responsibility and respect: the regular practice of sport predisposes to fulfilling a daily commitment. During the game, decisions are made and their consequences must also be assumed, which affects all teammates. Responsibility and respect are linked to camaraderie, commitment, sportsmanship and effort.

5. Helps Overcome Shyness and Improve Social Skills: Playing sports provides the opportunity to develop social skills that will benefit boys and girls throughout their lives. It also teaches leadership, team building and communication skills.

6. Promotes teamwork: To be successful, you have to work as a team. The practice of sport teaches us to collaborate, because even if an individual effort can be important, added to that of others, it is even greater.

7. Helps reduce stress and improve school performance: Children who regularly practice some type of sport have a greater ability to concentrate, which increases their school performance. In addition, the sport helps to fight possible attacks of anxiety or depression and thus improves the mood.

8. Increases self-esteem: overcoming challenges makes the child feel safe and able to face new situations. They gain self-confidence when they are recognized for a job well done, which increases their self-esteem.

9. The value of effort: sport motivates. An increase in effort has a positive effect on physical and mental endurance. Medium and long-term training conditions the mind in order to achieve its objectives.

10. Finally, the practice of leisure sports avoids devoting too much time to other harmful sedentary and passive alternatives.

Experts recommend exercising every day for good health. You can count on our Nannies to manage your children’s sports schedule and on their involvement as supporters to encourage them as much as possible 🙂