How to occupy children on long weekends?

You can spend fun days with children during holidays. Just choose the theme of your day and make reservations in advance if necessary.

Here we present ideas and examples that we meet near Paris, but you can apply these same themes in each region by conducting a search on the Internet with the following keywords:


The magic of Disney: Eurodisney

Of course, if we are thinking of traveling to Paris with children, the first date should be Eurodisney. We can not cross the French capital without greeting Mickey Mouse, the Disney Princesses and all the characters of this legendary fiction factory. Eurodisney is the most visited amusement park in Europe.

During your stay, you can stay in the hotels of the park or in Paris and go to Eurodisney by rail links that leave from the stations of Charles de Gaulle, Aubert, Chatelet Les Halles, Gare de Lyon and Nation, which drop you in the vicinity from the station. gate of the park. There are also buses that take you from the airport to the chosen park or hotel.


The thrills: Parc Astérix

As if you were visiting a very old French village dive into Asterix Park. Divided into different themes, you will discover the history of Egypt, Gaul, ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the Vikings and the history of France.

The park includes 40 attractions and shows including one of the largest wooden roller coasters in Europe. Guaranteed sensations!


Creativity: Playmobil Fun Park

The Playmobil leisure park in Paris is a quieter option, in a smaller environment. An area of ​​2,000 square meters where children can have fun by moving from a world of pirates to that of space rockets or the world of fairies to that of princesses, among others. Kids will love being able to play with all the Playmobil toys of their dreams during this visit.


Scientific activities: the city of children

It is a play area that the little ones can explore and experiment with through educational activities. The goal is to create interest among children in knowledge, science, technology and research. In addition, you can watch interactive shows and practical demonstrations. Other possibilities include the Cinaxe simulator, a 400-tonne submarine tour or a space dedicated to the latest advances in science and technology.


An aerial view: the Ballon de Paris

One of the atypical ways to see Paris from above. Located in the André Citroën Park, the Ballon de Paris is the largest balloon in the world. Fly over the city 150 meters above sea level and discover landscapes of Paris that you never imagined. In addition, the balloon has become an indicator of the quality of Parisian air, because its color changes according to the number of particles recorded in the air. Remember that the flight depends on the weather conditions.


Visit a mythical monument: the Eiffel Tower

If there is an architectural element in Paris that appeals to adults as well as children, it is the Eiffel Tower. To see the city of the big iron tower, it is to be able to admire it of its 300 meters of altitude. To access it, you can take the elevator or climb a vertiginous climb of 1,665 steps. On the first floors of the tower, stop at 58 Tour Eiffel or Jules Verne and on the third floor enjoy a 360-degree view of the capital.


Culture: a stop at the Louvre Museum

If you want your children to discover major artistic masterpieces the Louvre is the place to be in Paris. The dimensions of the museum with its more than 35,000 exhibits make it impossible to complete a visit in one day. But the museum offers interesting programs, courses and workshops designed for families and children.

On Sundays, the Louvre has 4 family points where several animators give the right guidelines for visiting the museum with your little ones.


A boat trip along the Seine?

The Seine is a fantastic river to visit Paris with your family. Many cruise companies offer exhibitions, shows, cabarets, gastronomy and of course a magical ride, especially at night, to discover or rediscover in a new light the monuments of the city of light.


Paris Parks

We stop to enjoy Parisian green spaces. One of the most popular is the Luxembourg Garden, green lungs of Paris. In the alleys you can contemplate exhibitions of photographs then enter the botanical garden to discover its architecture and lush flora.

North-east of Paris are Buttes Chaumont, one of the largest parks in the capital and the steepest. It offers breathtaking views of the city, ideal for a picnic with the family. Do not miss its caves, waterfalls and suspension bridge.

Another must-go green space in Paris: the Tuileries Garden. It is a place for both tourists and Parisians enjoying the shadow of its statues, the coolness of the ponds and the beauty of the Orangery Museum.


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