Smooth holidays at the mountain with kids does exist !

Snow is there, in abundance. If in town, it was unexpected and wreak havoc sometimes, on the moutains, it is warmly welcomed by the aficionados of winter sports. But the mountain shouldnt be left to chance. Especially with children!

(Big) suitcases, skiing, après-ski, skilift, little scratches and bumps it’s all a logistics that must be relentless and constant monitoring.

Let us share with you 5 reasons why a nanny is your best ally for successful family holidays. Because you too, have the right to enjoy the pleasures of the moutain!

1. Two thinking heads are better than one when it comes to packing in case we forget the essentials including the tube of arnica!
2. Even if we love our kids, we would save to drop them off at the kids club at 8am. We already drive them every day to school so we deserve a moment of respite …
3. We want big thrills, but we are responsible parents … so we go down the red and black tracks while children learn green and orange under good escort.
4. You can escape for a few hours for a romantic spa or an electronic party on the peaks for single parents revellers.
5. As a bonus, we will have the best family souvenir photos! The selfies is nice but never well framed!

At International Nannies we have this ally. Do not hesitate to contact us to consult the various profiles.