Must-have stores before Christmas

As Christmas approaches, it is better to be proactive! France is a paradise for gastronomy, tourism, fashion, but also for shopping. There are many articles made in France in the fields of fashion or perfumery but did you know that there are still more craft toys made in France? For Christmas shopping or simply teleporting to a fantastic world, consider visiting some of the most picturesque French toy stores.

The toy tradition in France

Although it is difficult to give an origin to the manufacture of toys in the world, France is one of the countries with the greatest tradition in this field. Nowadays large spaces dedicated to the marketing of toys complete the more traditional and typical shops that have been operating for several centuries.
In the Jura, near Lyon and the Swiss border, traditional craftsmanship of old toys continues. At the beginning of the nineteenth century with the booming of the wood industry toys made in this material are a worldwide success.
This know-how continues until today through beautiful wooden achievements: trains, vehicles, wooden swords, doll houses or tea sets, here are some traditional toys of French origin that have stood the test of time and the emergence of electronics.

A selection of traditional French toy stores:

Despite the expansion of modern superstores, a few typical and charming little toy shops perpetuate traditions.

Gingerbread (Paris)
If you are looking for the toy store of your dreams, take the Jouffroy Passage and get ready to be amazed by the showcase of Gingerbread. The three centuries old wooden floor, the vintage air that pervades every corner of this exceptional place will transport children but also adults away from their daily lives. On the shelves you will find all kinds of toys, such as wooden cars, swords, doll houses, which will surely send you back to childhood memories. (29 Jouffroy Passage)

The Toys of the Angels (Lyon)
The bright red facade is the first thing that draws attention to this toy store located close to Lyon Cathedral. If you thought the most impressive about this place is its exterior you will change your mind when you walk through the door. An interior filled with traditional toys awaits you: teddy bears, wooden horses, puppets and all kinds of figurines will make you want to become a child again. (68 rue Saint-Jean)

Blue Nain (Paris)
It was in 1836 that the Chauvière family began to write the history of the oldest toy store in Paris, becoming in a short time the only manufacturer of stuffed animals 100% French. Go through the charming red door and enter a fantasy world of knights and swordsmen, wooden soldiers, dolls and princesses. Great reward for children after a cultural outing, the store is located near the Musée d’Orsay. (252 boulevard Saint-Germain)

Apple of Reinette (Montpellier)
The Pippin Apple is a kind of wonderland, a toy store full of endearing objects, miniature dolls, carousels or figures of soldiers, board games and globes. If you visit Montpellier, this toy store will enchant you for sure. (33, rue de l’Aiguillerie).

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