Terms & Conditions

Long-term placementsShort-term placements

Permanent Placements ( over 12 weeks )

  • Registration fee of 280€ (400€ abroad)
  • France : 18% of the net  annual salary
  • E.U. countries (included UK, Monaco and Switzerland) : 20% of the net annual salary
  • Overseas non E.U.  : 25% of  the annual salary

All fees are subject to V.A.T. ( 20% ) within E.U.

Our fees ( or balance ) are due upon confirmation of the booking and prior to commencement when overseas placements.

International Nannies will make all efforts to find the right candidate for your family. However if a problem should arise with your Nanny within first 2 months, we will find a suitable replacement free of charge

International Nannies acts as an agent to introduce candidates to work as nannies maternity nurses and gouvernante. The agency does not employ any of the candidates directly or indirectly.

The initial fee of 280 €uros redeemable against the agency fee, on completion and exchange of contracts. this payment made payable to international nannies.

International nannies will invoice the client when a candidate has accepted the position. All agency fees are due within 15 days from the invoice date. Late payments will be subject to a 10 % surcharge for the initial 5 days working period there after the contract will be cancelled and the candidate removed from the placement.

International nannies, provides a 2 month guarantee on all long term placements.If an engagement is terminated within this period we will attempt to find a suitable replacement.

If during the following 4 week period a replacement can not be found, a refund of the agency fee, as detailed below will sent to you.

Departure during the 1st month 50 %
Departure during the 2nd month 20 %
Conditions of refund : (The refund excludes the initial 280 €uros payment)
The job description has not been changed
The former candidate has not left due to unreasonable working conditions
The invoice has been paid during the 15 days period


No refund will be paid on the cancellation of a contract, or a refusal of any further candidate presentation, or if a replacement is found by an alternative method.

Should a client withdraw a position for that ever reason, before the date of commencement international nannies will reduce the agency fee by 50 % of the standard agency fee.

If for any reason the terms and conditions are not adhered to, no refund will be due.

The agency fee is applicable per placement whether temporary or permanent, and an additional fee for any employee returning at a future date will be charged.

All travel expenses for the interviewing of candidates will be incurred by the prospective client.

While the agency endeavours to introduce suitable candidates, it can not guarantee that all the information regarding the candidate is accurate, and does not accept liability for any misrepresentation.

The agency takes every care to personally interview and check all references of candidates, but it is the responsibility of the employer to satisfy him/herself as to the qualifications, references and suitability of the candidate. the agency does not accept liability or responsibility for any loss, damage or expense resulting from the introduction, or any acts, commissions, or conduct from the candidates introduced.

All introductions and personal details of candidates sent from the agency will be kept confidential by the client. the client undertakes not to introduce the candidates to third parties, any breach of this agreement? resulting in the employment of a candidate by a third party renders the client liable for the payment of the agency fee. the terms of business are governed by french

Short-term placements and maternity Nurses bookings ( -12 weeks )

  • Registration fee of 280€ (400€ abroad)
  • France and E.U. countries fees  (included UK, Monaco and Switzerland) : 20 % of the net salary of the candidate
  • Non EU. countries : 25 % of the salary of the candidate

All fees are subject to V.A.T. ( 20% ) within E.U.
The balance of our fees are to be paid before commencement of booked candidate