4 good reasons

4 good reasons why your kids have to take a nap

If you have returned to work, it is complicated to have to take full-time care of your children.
Fortunately, you may have thought of recruiting a nanny or leaving your children at the crèche or school. Only if you need to know something your children need is sleeping well.

Here are at least four good reasons why your children should take a nap:

This is essential for your child’s health:
Characterized by a physiological need in the baby and the young child, it complements sleeping at night. This is an essential step for the long-term memorization of the information they have assimilated in the morning.

This allows your child to guard you against a lot of your child’s excess anger.
Indeed, this one is more irritable and prone to make caprices when it is tired.

A napping child will be more receptive to the world around him and his environment. Therefore, with a rested head, your child can assimilate and learn much more easily and quickly.

Naps allow your child to limit the risk of night terrors for the simple reason that he did not sleep in the day, it may be a lack in deep sleep that will affect his sleep Thus promoting the development of nightmares.
As you can see, it is essential for your child that he or she can enjoy a quiet nap in the early afternoon.

Think also that when night falls, it is better to leave your child in his room at the risk of taking bad habits. If you have no one to confide in for your childcare, we are there! Thanks to our selection criteria and our services, our agency Nannies International makes every effort so that you can leave your children to a person experienced in the field.