Being accompanied by her nanny when you travel what freedom :)

Are you going on vacation abroad or planning a trip around the world with your children? International Nannies can help you select the right person to follow you on your adventure.

Managing a trip with children is much more complicated, they require constant attention while at the same time you must also take care to manage your trips so as not to miss a flight. You carry all of your little one’s stuff in addition to your own, it weighs heavily and the risk of being forgotten or lost is significant. Children and especially young children have a lot of energy, it is difficult for them not to move for several hours during a long haul journey, so they should be kept busy with fun activities.

The traveling nanny is an experienced person, able to face the vagaries of a journey around the world. It will help you well before departure in organizing your children’s affairs, managing travel documents and keeping track of timing. Two additional arms will not be too much especially when one of your little ones no longer wants to walk and claims the stroller. Trained in entertainment, your traveling nanny will be able to focus the attention of your little ones towards educational games and having also taken information on your destination she will be able to teach your children the cultural aspects of the country of destinations as well as the curiosities that they will discover.

Once there, your traveling nanny will play the role of an assistant when you are with your children to support you in daily tasks and in your absence when you want to take some time for yourself she will be your guardian angel by ensuring to the security of your loves. Being bilingual English you can entrust him with specific activities relating to the country of destination to have your little ones do or ask him to accompany them and collect them from the mini-club for example. Be sure that she will watch over their feeding, protect them from the sun and that she will not let them look away for a second when they are in the water or when they are climbing in a merry-go-round.

Finally when you want to go out to dinner your traveling nanny will deploy all her experience to pamper your little babies and will make sure that they sleep peacefully in order to recover well so that they can be in top shape the next morning, ready to start new experiences.