Faut-il laisser nos enfants manger des bonbons ?

Should we let our children eat candy?

Ah candy … chocolate, caramel or rainbow color, these little sweets are often the origin of discussions, and especially caprices!

According to health professionals, it is necessary to eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day.

What’s up Doc ? Well, sweets would also be important for the health of children!

Finished the whims and the “I sulk”.

You can finally make your children happy without feeling guilty. Indeed, sweets are good for the morale of the children but also for that of the parents! A little sweetness from time to time never hurt. According to Florence Pujol, specialist in food behavior, “children regulate their calorie appetite”. Giving the child the opportunity to eat what he wants is not bad for health.

Conversely, “it is by forcing children to have a strict diet that their ability to know what their body needs is deregulated,” says Pujol.

Children have an overflowing energy, they are growing and need to spend themselves. They therefore need to absorb strength and energy.

This is good since the sweets are composed of 95% carbohydrate, and therefore sugar!

Today parents do not hesitate to minimize the consumption of confectionery, to the point of putting their children to the diet from a very young age for fear of obesity.

It is possible to please the children while respecting your personal lifestyle, if you consume them in moderation, avoid eating sweets before eating and of course brushing your teeth!


For the most reluctant, here is a small list of “health sweets”:

– Organically grown sweets, made without artificial colors or artificial flavors and based on unrefined cane sugar.

– Candies without milk or lactose for intolerant and allergic.

– Gluten-free candy.

– Vegetarian sweets, therefore without gelatin and other pulpit derivatives.