YES DAY : Dites OUI à vos enfants !

Yes day : say yes to your children!

How many times a day to you refuse something to your children? How many times a day do you say “no”? If the answer is between “often” and “always”, it’s time for you to try positive education! Born in the U.S.A., the Yes Day suggests you to say YES to your children. Try it once, you won’t be disappointed!

Trusting your children from the first age is not easy . A second dessert? It’s a no. One more cartoon? No. Dress up alone? No, again. The no is everywhere and you children may be frustrated by so many negative answers.

Inspired by the book “Yes Day!” written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, the phenomenon is very popular with parents…and children! The author suggests you to release the pressure just for a day and to say “yes”. The promise: parents amazed by their children sense of responsibilities! Of course, you need to fix the rules before, choose the best day and the most important of all…trust them!

Even if this day can be a little painful for the parents, it is the moment to ask yourself questions about the children’s sense of responsibility. It’s time to consider their misunderstanding concerning the home rules.  It’s time to calm down and enjoy their “joie de vivre” and their smile! The “Yes Day” will bring keys to the children to understand what is good and what is not, to think by themselves before asking for something…