5 tricks to get your kid to eat vegetables

Every meal presents the same problem for parents: how to get our kids to eat vegetables? Here you will find 5 tricks to achieve it:

Time is your ally
Experts in healthy affirms that it takes a long time for kids to develop the sense of taste. They need to try as much vegetables as possible but never be obliged to eat what they do not like. Sometimes, kids need to taste food… 15 times before liking it!
Try to be patient and start trying more than once!

Shape makes difference
Vegetables can be eaten in different ways: finger food, mashed, grilled, boiled. Maybe your kid does not like boiled carrots but he loves them like raw sticks.
Try different shapes to cook vegetables!

Try to eat the same as your kid
Your kid looks at what you do, and so as what you eat! Try to have the same food as him. Mix different types of healthy food in your dish and his and tell him how good it tastes! You will make him more confident about trying vegetables.

Be creative with the presentation
Creativity at the moment of presenting your kid’s dish is very important! Try to add as much colors as you can and think about playful ways to dispose food. Let your imagination free!

Make them participate
The best way to get your kid to eat vegetables is to go with him to the supermarket and cook together. You will be able to tell him where food comes from and make him touch and feel it. You will see how glad he would be to taste what he cooked!