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Holidays without children: prepare them to the separation

Handing your children to somebody’s care for a weekend, a week or more have you even thought about it? You deserve to take a break from your parenthood! In France 59 % of the parents did it once, at least. Why don’t you try?

If you think « holidays » means « family », this survey might surprise you: 56 % of French parents already went on holidays without their children (Harris Interactif for Voyages SNCF)! Most of the time, grandparents are babysitting but quite often parents need to ask a friend, a nanny… Whatever this person is, it is very important prepare and structure your absence. You will walk as happy men!

Before planning your stay, take into consideration your children’s age: the first year, don’t leave your baby for more than a weekend. Moreover, it is necessary to get him used to your miss from the birth: as an example, play the game of hide and seek together! He will understand than even if he doesn’t see you, you’re around.

If your child is in age, explain him you are leaving for a few days and the most important: make sure he understands you are coming bac! You should also give him a calendar with the dates and give him the mission to check each day that passes. Note that if your child cries, it’s good: it means he understands the separation and accepts it.

If it’s possible, have the child care at home. He will stay in familiar surroundings and won’t feel disoriented. If it’s not possible, give him familiar objects, clothes or a picture he will keep with him. Give him his favorite toys, books, films… everything that is familiar will be good for him.

Your child also gets familiar with the babysitter. Invite him or her to spend some time at home and to play with your child. He or she will have to talk with him, listen to him, and give him attention.

Now that you followed these tips, just relax and be ready for new adventures!