How to support the child in the pleasure of learning?

With Christmas approaching, good school behavior gives all the more credit for getting the gifts your child dreams of.

Ensuring that studies are carried out at home is necessary to ensure the children’s academic success. Could this duty be seen as a moment of pleasure and sharing rather than a constraint? Some tips can be useful to spend a peaceful vacation and study with love.

Did you know that children can have fun learning at home if the atmosphere differs from the conditions at school?

It is necessary to support the child in a constructive way, to take an interest in him and to set up a more flexible and more playful framework than at school.

Here’s a first suggestion: make it read and revise in a more comfortable way. On the bed or sofa, while adopting a suitable posture. Similarly, you can let him write on the coffee table and enjoy the bath to make him recite a poetry!

Give your child a “taste” for work by offering him a small snack. This will encourage him to study. These little special touches, unlike his daily school life, show your support. What could be better than a hot drink to feel pampered, squares of dark chocolate rich in magnesium favoring concentration, or a handful of nuts rich in iron and vitamins B1 which facilitate the recording of information in memory.

You can play music in the background to soothe it, unlike the disturbing noise of the class caused by other students. Give him a break during his learning as the maximum concentration of a young child cannot exceed more than an hour. Accompanying children in the pleasure of studying also helps to stimulate their autonomy. We must let them put away their things and take out their equipment.

Keep a certain distance, while maintaining benevolent surveillance. However, it is important to maintain an authority that indicates the need for rigor and the obligatory aspect of the task. In the event that the child blocks on a subject for which you cannot help him in a professorial way it may be necessary to involve a particular teacher. The choice of this person is fundamental, you must make sure that he is an excellent teacher and someone who is kind to your child.

Finally, it is important not to forget to value your child so as to give him even more the desire to learn. Avoid sanctions and confrontations, always infuse him with optimism and convey his good humor to him.

The love and support of parents is essential, it makes your child want you to be proud of them and pushes them forward in their studies.