Simple tips to improve your child’s immune system

How to naturally increase your child’s immune system so that colds do not follow on from temperature changes? 

The defenses in a child are the basis of a good immune system to prevent colds, coughs and in the worst cases bronchitis or something more serious. 

We always advise you to see your pediatrician or a trusted doctor if you detect symptoms of this type. 

The causes of a drop in defenses: 

The body’s defenses decrease for many reasons, but one of them can be seasonal changes (from summer to winter), cold, humidity, or long exposure to the sun’s rays. . The reaction to these environmental factors can be a cold, flu, continuous cough, tonsillitis, even diarrhea or earache. Your child’s body does not then face the pathological situations that occur in daily life in a normal way. 

During the first months of your baby’s life, his body contains the antibodies that you transmitted to him through the placenta and those that you bring to him with breastfeeding. Thus during his first 4 months a child does not generally fall very ill. But then all these defenses are “removed”, the immune system of a child must therefore develop, become strong by itself and with vaccines. 

How to naturally raise a child’s immune system: 

  1. Make sure that your child has a balanced and nutritious diet, that is to say that he receives 50% of carbohydrates (bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, …), 15% of proteins (meat, fish, eggs, ham, legumes, ..) and 35% fat (those of meat, fish, olive oil, …) in daily intake.
  1. Make sure he has a quality, restful and followed sleep so that all his benefits apply normally. The amount of sleep shown may vary depending on each child and their age. You can ask your doctor to find out how many hours your child should sleep on average. 
  1. The fact that your child plays sports is good for his defenses. It helps remove bacteria from the lungs and airways, thereby reducing the risk of infections. 
  1. Take the air in the countryside, on the beach, in the mountains or in a park. Coming into contact with nature and receiving sunlight is very good for regenerating your child’s immune systems. 
  1. Warm it up well in low temperatures, make it clear that it must wear a coat, hat, scarf, gloves, … during recess and when it goes out on the street. 
  1. Delay entry to the crèche as much as possible as it is the perfect place to catch viruses and bacteria. The WHO recommends not taking your child to daycare before the age of 2, that is, when he has been sufficiently vaccinated with the compulsory vaccines provided by the health system. 
  1. Ventilate your home daily to eliminate allergens and mites. 
  1. Teach her hygienic gestures. Knowing that he spends his days playing, it is essential that he wash his hands before and after eating. Remember that children copy everything they see, show them the example. 

An effective external reinforcement: Probiotics 

Probiotics are intended to strengthen the intestinal flora. Its function is to avoid digestive problems but also constitutes the first defense barrier of the immune system of children. It is advisable to give probiotics to children of all ages and there are probiotics on the market suitable for each period of life. 

Here are some simple tips to implement and very efficient to give your child every chance to defend themselves against viral and bacteriological infections of everyday life.