Extra-curricular activities for children

Did you know that there are more extra-curricular activities for children than any other type of activity for adults?


In this jungle of possibilities we offer you a small, non-exhaustive orientation guide.

The age of the child is a decisive factor in choosing the most appropriate extracurricular activity.

Outside of age, certain factors must be taken into account, such as the psychomotor ability of the child if you want him to practice a sport or his fine motor skills in the case of drawing, painting or other type of art.


Extra-curricular activities for children from 4 years:

– Dance: develops expression and body communication, in addition to awakening the musical sense. Stimulates coordination and group work.

– Psychomotor skills: It is advisable to stimulate and educate children through movements and interactions.

– Drawing: helps children express their feelings, emotions and feelings. Stimulates communication with others and with oneself, creativity, self-control and self-confidence.

– Swimming: recommended from the age of four, because before the psychomotor system children are not prepared for learning to swim, they can practice other types of activities in the water in order to become familiar with with the aquatic environment.


Extracurricular activities from 5 years old:

– Artistic gymnastics: works motor skills, body knowledge, rhythm and movements. Group activity promoting the socialization of the child.

– Football: stimulates speed, reflexes, motor coordination and competition while maintaining the values ​​of the group.

– Tennis: develops reflexes, coordination, speed and psychomotor abilities.

– Basketball: increases resistance and coordination of movements, strengthens leg muscles, develops biceps, speed, agility and flexibility. Also favors the control of individual actions in order to adjust them to the rest of the group.

– Martial arts such as taekwondo, karate or judo ensure body health and mental development. They help develop concentration, endurance, strength and flexibility and teach values ​​such as integrity, honesty and self-discipline.


Extracurricular activities from 6 years:

– Painting: stimulates creativity, manual and visual skills and visual expression. In addition, promotes concentration and tranquility.

– Musical instruments: awakens musical intelligence and sense of rhythm. Music relaxes, stimulates and gives pleasure. It develops coordination and concentration.

– Skating: develops the muscles of the thighs and legs, provides resistance in the arms and shoulders and stimulates speed and motor coordination.

Extracurricular activities from 7 years old:

– Chess: develops memory, concentration and imagination. Teach your child to make decisions, take responsibility for their actions, overcome mistakes and appreciate success. In addition, it boosts self-confidence.

Extracurricular activities from 8 years old:

– Theater for children: develops the control of the memory, the interpretation, the reading and the movements of the body. Stimulates imagination, creativity and self-confidence.


Extracurricular activities from 10 years old:

– Volleyball: develops agility, reflexes and speed. Teaches values ​​such as respect and tolerance towards teammates and the rules of the game, increases the sense of sportsmanship and teamwork.


Remember that every child is unique and that outside his age, you must take into account his abilities, his skills and especially his desires when choosing an extra-curricular activity.