Outdoors activities with kids for sunny days!

After a particularly harsh and long winter, we do appreciate to see the days getting longer and the mild climate that brings us a little closer to summer. Enjoy this nice weather to do outdoor activities with the kids! It is an opportunity to be in contact with nature and share precious and delicious moments with the family.
International Nannies gives you 5 ideas of funny games to entertain the little ones and to keep them away from technology.

The scavenger hunt
Timeless and thrilling. It’s easy to get caught up!
You can make a map for children to search for treasure! Draw on the map a starting point. Then take easy landmarks (like different types of trees) and hide under each a track that will lead to the next point. You can involve the whole family! And you can also make two teams with different cards and tracks if you like the competitive spirit.

Backwards obstacle course
The whole family can participate! Gather items from the house that will serve as obstacles to build an outdoor course. Your children can even help you select them. Specify the rules of the game (whether to skip or avoid objects, for example) and run backwards! A good way to work agility!

Create a rainbow
Children love to observe optical phenomena, and this time, they will create it themselves! Turn back in the sun, take a garden hose and water in the same direc-tion as your shadow. The rainbow appears! It’s up to you to play with your imag-ination to create incredible stories from this beautiful phenomenon.

The race in pairs
Because it is done in pairs, this race is a good opportunity to gather children who do not get along very well. You have to communicate to win! Tie the couples by tying the two central legs: they must run together to the point of arrival. On your marks, ready, fire, go!