Finding the right Nanny before the start of the school year: The essential asset of far-sighted parents

Back to school in September is a stressful time for many parents, but anticipating the search for a good nanny can greatly facilitate this transition. Here’s why this early approach is a key benefit for parents:

  1. Thorough Selection: By planning ahead, parents have the time to conduct careful research and select a nanny who meets their specific criteria. They can consider the experience, qualifications, references and skills needed to care for their children.

  2. Avoid haste: By looking at the last minute, parents risk making a hasty decision, which may not result in a suitable choice. By planning ahead, they have the freedom to compare different options and make an informed decision.
  3. Establishing a relationship of trust: Finding the right nanny takes time to develop a relationship of trust. By starting now, parents can allow children to build strong bonds with their new nanny before the start of the school year.
  4. Adapt schedules: Early planning allows parents to discuss schedules and availability with the nanny, ensuring that the needs of the family are taken into account from the start.
  5. Guarantee availability: By hiring a nanny early, parents avoid the risk of not finding an available candidate at the last minute. Good nannies can be in high demand, so getting ahead ensures their engagement.
  6. Perform a smooth transition: For children, switching from a summer routine to a school schedule can be tricky. By hiring the nanny in advance, parents guarantee a smooth transition with a reassuring and familiar presence.
  7. Prepare the administrative formalities: Hiring a nanny involves administrative aspects, such as drafting the employment contract and hiring formalities. Starting the process early helps ensure everything is in order before school starts.
  8. Peace of mind: Once the right nanny is found, parents can approach the new school year with peace of mind, knowing that their children will be in good hands.
  9. Dealing with the Unexpected: If adjustments are needed, hiring a nanny ahead of time gives parents time to make them without stress or panic.
  10. Be ready for extra-curricular activities: Back to school also means the start of extra-curricular activities. By hiring a nanny in advance, parents ensure that their schedule is already organized to handle these activities.

In conclusion, getting ahead to find the right nanny before the start of the school year in September is a wise choice for parents. This allows them to carefully select the person who will take care of their children, to create strong bonds and to prepare for the start of the school year with complete peace of mind. Thanks to International Nannies, this approach is now more accessible than ever.