International Nannies : ennui enfant

Holidays: let your child get bored!

Very often, your child is as booked as a prime minister! Gym, dance, tennis lessons, painting… with this rythm, he can’t even breathe…But your child really need to get bored sometimes. Good timing, it’s summer break: they have a lot of time to get bored! International Nannies reminds you why boredom is so good for the children…And the grownups!

For you, being a parent means taking care of your child’s growth. You provide him a lot of activities to develop his physical and intellectual capacities. You ensure he never gets bored! But lots of studies say it is very good for them to get bored!

Boredom is necessary for his mental health. At school, at home, with his classmates, he receives plenty of information that his brain needs to file. Give his brain a break!

Moreover, when your child gets bored, he switches off his mind (like you do when you need to relax). His mind is now free to wander. To go through this feeling, he will call on his personal resources and imagine new games, pay attention on details he never noticed, solve his problems… As un example, when your child watches the clouds of the rain running down a window, he isn’t bored. He found something to do, by himself!

If he can’t find activities by himself, help him! Start a game with him and then let him play alone. Let him develop his imagination: you may be surprise! Playing alone will develop his autonomy, his capacity of taking decisions alone.

To conclude, boredom is necessary for the building of your child’s personality. Switch off TV this summer and let his mind wander!