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School phobia : how to detect it

School phobia is a very serious childhood disorder. It’s important to distinguish school anxiety to phobia, that needs to be detected and fixed as quick as possible. International Nannies gives you tips to detect it and to eact in the better way.

School phobia affects mostly young children in primary and secondary school and teenagers. The studies about this disease are very rare but it seems that 1 to 5 % of the children in school are touched. It happens often that your child is anxious a few days before going back to school, he shows fear, anxiety. This anxiety can be due to a change of rhythm, a fear of the unknown if he goes in a new school or discovers a new teacher. This anxiety is completely normal and will melt fast. School phobia is a deeper and more tenacious issue. It is not a fear of having bad results at school or not understanding the lessons. It is a real social pressure.  The child is really scared of leaving with the others, in a community. He is uncomfortable with the school environment. The problem is not the idea of learning, it’s the idea of going to school.

How to detect a school phobia?

You should put question in some signs. The child has the same behavior every morning: he refuses to go to school, but doesn’t know why. It is physically impossible for him to go there. It is not that he doesn’t want to go, he really can’t go: panic attacks when he is leaving the house to go to school, stomach or headache, vomiting… along with yelling, tears, threat. These symptoms disappear during the weekends and the holidays.

What to do if you detect school phobia?

To avert schooling, it is important to detect these symptoms as soon as possible. First, avoid conflict with the child, injunctions, gilt and proofs of strength. Try to act calmly, to understand his feelings with kindness and to reassure him. Try to know if he has been bullied at school. First, have a conversation with him, and then, see a child psychiatrist. At the same time, don’t hesitate to contact the school, organize a meeting with the teachers, the headmaster and the child. Invite his friends at home and hire a personal teacher, the time to fix the situation. Don’t forget that your child is afraid to go be in the school environment, not to learn! Help him to stick to the program at home, for a better rehabilitation when it’s possible.

School phobia is still a taboo, but a big part of the child psychiatric examinations is about this trauma or school anxiety. Stay alert and consult if you have any doubt, in order to give your child every key to complete his scholarship with success.