Method of recruitment of the agency!

With 25 years of experience, International Nannies makes it a point of honor to make its recruitment methodology a priority.

The agency organizes the recruitment of its future Nannies in Paris or in its partner offices in London. It is very important to meet the candidates physically to ensure their motivation. For those living in the Province, it often starts with Skype before coming to meet us in Paris.

Candidates are required to submit a complete file of letters of reference as well as photocopies of their diplomas and a criminal record. All these documents are to be provided during the interview and carefully studied by all our team. It is then in the “feeling” that this happens before the request is transmitted to the families. Candidates must also demonstrate a minimum of 5 years experience.

On average, 1 candidate out of 5 passes the recruitment tests (contact, sending of CV, maintenance, check of the references). And there are many who follow us for years!

It is this rigor and demand that makes International Nannies one of the most reputable and reliable childcare agencies in France and around the world.