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From childhood to adolescence: The role of the Nanny

Today International Nannies looks at the very delicate subject of the transition from childhood to adolescence.

It is a phase of our life in its own right and personal. Indeed each one of us has lived more or less peacefully this transition that forms character and thoughts. Childhood is one of the most important periods because it nourishes our dreams and shapes our identity. We keep it by our side throughout our lives. Few adults lose their childlike soul!

Parents often perceive the period of adolescence as an obstacle and with great concern. Yet, not all children experience this transition as a crisis! Of course, behaviors change and our children want more autonomy, they need to assert themselves, to define their identity.

It is therefore worth pointing out that the Nanny replaces the parents in their absence, but it does not take their place! At International Nannies, professional and pedagogical skills stand out above all in the investment that our specialists provide, in mutual trust with the child and through dialogue.

It is not a simple childcare but a work in time because we attach a major importance to observation, understanding and questioning. Constant communication with parents and the child is essential.

We can say that by adhering to the values of the parents, a privileged relationship is established: Nannie plays a complementary and primordial role in the homes where the parents are often absent, then Keep Calm and take a Nanny!